Who Am I

My Name is Lauren Desiree

I am a 21 year old student, studying hard to become a senior English Teacher. There is nothing I love more then spending my time curled up reading a good book, or editing literature with a hot cup of coffee and my charming kitten Miss Diggles warming my lap.

Growing up in California, I've always been encouraged to be creative and express myself to the fullest. Ever since I can remember, my parents have been collecting and dealing antiques and scouring booths at shows. My little brother was the front man of a popular band called As He Wept, and my aunts and uncles are all extremely artistic. I guess their love of art and self expression has really rubbed off on me.

I'm Just your average vintage enthusiast, thrift shop hunter, and book lover. I'm a bit of an awkward oddball- I'm a vegetarian with an obsessive eye out for vintage fur, rearticulated skeletons, and taxidermy. I love folk art and music, and I sing a bit on the side when I'm not pining after mid western inspired summer dresses on Etsy. Traveling is my passion, and I love learning about people and finding tiny hole in the wall places on my way.

My goals are to transfer to this darling ladies liberal arts college in Roanoke Virginia, Hollins University, in the fall of 2013 to get my BA, to learn how to ride a horse, and to be completely open to wherever God decides to guide my life.

Also as you'll come to find, I'm slightly obsessed with my cat. She's kind of my partner in crime! But you'll come to know her silly little personality quirks as you get to know me.

Deer Little Mysteries is my sweet spot of creative freedom. Here I pen down my favorite recipes, thoughts, and inspirations!

I hope you enjoy the pretty little things that make me tick.

Contact Me

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